Our Projects

Discover all the different projects we are developing. Each project is then adapted to each community or event organiser and our website that serves as the central HUB for all projects


"Over the span of the last 4 years we have been lucky enough to be able to work with things we love. We are developing tech for adventure motorcycling, we are working and riding amazing tracks provided by hard working communities and we are in touch with brilliant people who feed us all sorts of amazing ideas!"



One code base, unlimited apps and features that serve many

By working on a single code source base for all our projects, every-time we improve something all apps benefit from it. A new feature is deployed at the same time for everyone.

Currently our apps are divided in 3 types, our commercial DMD2 app which is a launcher that turns a phone or tablet into a motorcycle dashboard. The community apps, that are then compiled for each community that works with us (each with their logos, colors, texts and independent databases). The events apps that just like the community apps are compiled for each event organiser with their own specific layouts and database.

Another main focus from our side is this website, AdvHub for which we have planned many features. Not only this is where each community and event manager can update all the data for their apps but this website also allows each to make their own sub-website with an easy drag and drop system.
We called it a HUB because we want the website to be the place where users discover the communities, where the users can find and filter events, and, further down the line, even create their own accounts and use the website to store their GPX and locations, so that all apps can sync with it.

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Drive Mode Dashboard 2
Android Launcher

Community App

Tailor-Made Apps for Communities

Events App

For event organisers
Supports Roadbook & GPX map view