We are developers

We are adventure riders

Our mission is to develop software solutions for riders, adventure communities and event organisers

One platform to serve many

One of the hardest things about building solutions for something like a non-profit community (TET, TQT, etc) is that it is extremely expensive to develop and maintain software made specifically for it.

When we first started working with such communities (initially the TET) we already had some experience as we already started developing our own DMD app. Yet it was very hard to balance the free development with all the objectives we had.

After the TQT reached out to us, also asking for us to develop their app, we started formulating this new idea: "What if we create a single team that can develop for multiple communities and event organisers?"

This way, the costs of a single team, a single platform, divided by all communities and organisers should make this easier to come true!

How it works

We will build your community app or event app with NO costs to you. We will keep improving it, updating it, supporting it, managing the servers for it without any fixed cost for you.

We do this by allowing each community to decide how much we should charge their users for each app sale or, depending on the community size, we will setup different models that benefit both parties. The objective is always that the end users support the project at a very low cost for them!

We use that income to invest exclusively on development! We make it transparent and publicly known how each community and entity is supporting this project.

By combining the income of DMD2, each community and event apps, we finance our team to keep growing our staff number and infrastructure.

When we grow, we can do more, do it better, faster and with more features. Everyone benefits as our single code base improves.

Transparency matters

This is not an open-source project, specially because this project is not financially independent yet. At the moment we are able to pursue our goals because we have sponsors and the current team is backed by our comercial app DMD2.

Who owns it

The same entity that owns DMD2, Thork Racing, owns the source code that genarates the apps. All app data is owned by the community / administrator, data is private and stored in independent databases that only the admin has access to.

Who develops it

AdvHub is a team of developers that love motorcycles and want to have a job developing software for motorcycles. Until AdvHub is financially independent the developers work for Thork Racing.

Short-term goals

Our defined first set of goals are to build a multi-continent infrastructure with at least one server per continent, bring all communities up to date with the latest version of our work and finish this website.

Who is in

We are currently working with the TQT, GOAT and some other communities are pending. We are also working with some event organisers and even some motorcycle federations that we will disclose soon.

Not just apps

A big chunk of the work is being done on the website, where we want anyone to be able to have an account that will allow you to sync your tracks, locations and ridding friends list, between all our apps.

Easy to manage

On this website, each community has its own dashboard to manage everything about their apps (GPX, Waypoints, POIs, Alerts, News, Problem Reports, etc) this website also allows each entity to generate their own sub-website with an easy drag and drop system.