Our commercial app for Android. Turn any Android device into a motorcycle dashboard. Launcher, apps shortcuts, widgets, map, roadbook, it does it all.

Our adventure motorcycle Android dashboard!

DMD2 includes many different views, all of them accessible through its bottom menu, all of them created specifically for motorcycle riding.

Main view where you can load all sorts of widgets

Map view with offline topographic maps to load your GPX files

 Roadbook with up to 4 instruments to ride your digital (PDF) roadbooks

 Tripmeter to store your trip values like distance, times, averages, etc

OBD sensor where you can monitor your bike sensors if it is OBD2 compatible

Apps list to view all your installed applications

Control Station to quickly control brightness, volume and device screen rotation

Used by thousands of users DMD2 is quickly becoming a reference!

A Map For Adventure

One of the areas we invest more time is our map system. We try to make it simple and focused on GPX loading and following. We are constantly adding new features to it.

Optimized For Controllers

DMD2 interface is optimised for handlebar controller. It is fully compatible with the CARPE-ITER controllers. You can access almost all the DMD2 functions with it.

A trusted Roadbook

Our Roadbook view is a reference when it comes to amateur races. It is now being adapted for actual motorcycle Federations to use on official race events.