Stay Connected

Always updated, always in the loop

To stay connected with our users we are developing our own app, it allows not only to ride the track but also be part of the project

 Access and browser by category a curated list of Points of Interest including project sponsors

Report track problems for the management team to solve, including the location, a description, one photo and optional contact details

Access all our latest news and get notifications whenever we publish something new.

View real-time distances along the track for your selected POIs categories, the next waypoints and you track section progress

Get real-time alerts and update notifications even while riding

Navigate the track with offline topographic maps

Everything is available offline and gets sync when you connect to the internet

 Share anonymous track usage statistics so that we know which sections are used the most, average speeds and riding/stopped times

You can find our app available in the Google Play Store, iOS version coming as soon as possible:


What makes our app special

Report Issues

Riders can report issues while riding. You can add a description and photo and even optional contact information in case we need to ask for more details. We will be notified by email and then proceed to find a solution for the reported problem.

Always Updated

The app makes sure the riders are always updated with the latest GPX track, POIs, Waypoints and alerts. In fact if any data is updated while you are riding the app can even update it in real-time without any user interaction.

Everything works offline

It is not just our map and navigation that works offline, all data, including our rich databases of POIs and Waypoints gets synched when the app is online and gets stored for offline usage. Even your reports and track statistics will be stored offline until your connect to the internet!


A constant work, while listening to the community

AdvHub Partnership

Our app is developed in collaboration with the minds of a project that not only we are backing up but we were invested in from the beginning. The AdvHub initiative resulted from a brainstorm between the TQT and the developers of the DMD2 app

Future features

We are constantly working on our app with the community input. We are working on a "ridding buddies" system that will allow you to see your friends on the map and even a SOS feature that can be triggered manually or automatically with a fall-detection system.

Compatible with controllers

Our app is optimised for handlebar controller. It is fully compatible with the CARPE-ITER controllers. You can access almost all the features while riding. Quickly pan the map, zoom in or out, set the follow location mode and much more.